Evility of Malaysian Girl

"WARNING! The following content may cause certain parties to feel uneasy and emotional. Hence, think twice before proceed and read it at your own risk."

This post is solely based on my own personal experience or what I found out from my friend. Please keep in mind that it does not reflects to every girl and some may be is totally irrelevant to you. Anyway, it is just a small sharing from me and please don't get offended.

I totally agreed that no one is perfect in this world, but if some of your action affects others feeling either intentionally or unintentionally, I would consider it as a bad action. It would be nice if more and more people are aware about others feeling.

Evility Level: ****
1. Human are afraid of loneliness. That's the reason why they try to do something to keep themselves busy and forget about the loneliness. However, there are some girls who will date you whenever there is no other else to date or their appointment has been "aeroplanized". In other words, you are the backup. At this level, it is still acceptable. If you are the backup and the girl ask you to fetch her to here and there, pay for her dinner... what will you feel? The acceptance level may be depends on how deep you love her or how well your friendship with her.

Evility Level: *
2. Girls like to be fetched. However, it will be over if she ask you to fetch her to work / school everyday. As a friend, I guess it is better if they can help you to share the petrol. The evility level will be one star because of the high crime rate in Malaysia. As a guy, I don't wish any bad thing happen to my gal friends.

Evility Level: **
3. I would say lies will make anything become ugly. I personally don't like people who make empty promises. Some girls like to promise something they can't achieve just to get what they want in the present moment. They will tends to forget what they have promised after that. This is just the same like a guy "Nasi Jadi Bubur" a girl which is totally unacceptable by the society. Hence, if cannot make it better don't promise anything to people!

Evility Level: ***
4. Usually a guy will pay the bill first for everyone whenever they have their lunch/dinner in one restaurant. However, some girl may think that the guy is paying for their meal. I would like to highlight that pay first is not the same as pay for you. As a rational guy, I think guy will willing to pay for:-
  • His family members (Father, mother, siblings, auntie, uncle and etc)
  • His love one
  • Whenever there is something to celebrate (promotion, birthday and etc)
  • Once in a while during friends gathering
I think a girl shouldn't let a guy pay for the bill unless satisfied any of the above conditions.

Evility Level: ***** (Most EVIL)
5. Lastly which is the most evil case, that is the girl forced you do to something unwillingly. For example, asking you to buy her a LV bag which is an overpriced and non urgent items. Actually, this depends on how much you love her, you may feel nothing if you deeply in love with her. But as a third person, we will advise the guy to think twice.
Evility level for all the above example will be zero if you are the one who is "gatal", volunteer yourself making offer to the girl =P

Final words:-
Sounds familiar? You can be part of the one to harmonize the world.

The fireworks that have touched my heart

Many of the people may wonder why I'm not excited when there is a fireworks show. For example, those in the KL area during new year eve, HK disney and etc.
The reason is very simple, because I've experienced the best ever fireworks in my life in Korea.
I feel my heart is melting that time ^^

The forgotten kingdom

Once upon a time, there was a bore and dull kingdom until all the people are getting sick and fed up of it. So, the king decided to do something within his capability for the sake of his people. He scratches his head hard for almost one month until one day his head suddenly *blink *blink. He is so happy and he shouted and jumped around all over his castle because finally there is a cure/solution for his lovely kingdom. He planned to organize an interesting competition.

The rules and regulations is as follows:-
1) Participants are required to find their own suitable partner for the competition in the first phase.
2) Next, the couple is required to build a ship together.
3) Lastly, they are required to cross a "dangerous" river by using the ship built by them.
4) First couple who crossed the river shall be the champion.

For the first time in century, the kingdom become so interesting and busy. People are starting to talking with each other, discussing about this event, laughing, smiling, working and etc. It's just like a miracle because king has transformed the whole kingdom into a loving heaven.

The competition day has arrived and the king feel very happy because many people are registering for the event. People are getting excited and desperately waiting for the king to ring the bell to officially start the event.

At last, the bell rang. Everyone running crazily all around to look for their suitable partner. However, out of 100 participants, only 20 couples are successfully paired (20%). After that, those 20 couples start to build the ship. Out of 20, only 10 have successfully build the ship. The reasons why each pair has failed are different. Some maybe because of different opinion, not caring, stubborn and etc. Hence, it is a tough phase for the couples. The final stage, which is also the most crucial part of the event; The phase which test & verify the ship that the couple built and their braveness to cross the "dangerous" river. Out of 10, only 1 is success! The king is so curious why this can happen and he ordered his man to perform the root cause analysis and send him a report.

The report shows that external factor was cause of the problem. For example, some people may warn the couple not to cross the river because there is a sea monster there even it is just a rumours. Of course, this may frightened some couple who are not steady enough! Some even run away by just hearing the word, "dangerous" river.

The couple who crossed the river successfully is because they trust each other. The guy partner told the girl not to scare because that's the river he had his bath everyday since he was 5 years old. The girl replied she don't even care about the sea monster rumours. If really there is a sea monster, she is willing to fight it together with him!

What you can see is only the tip of the iceberg and it is actually only 10% of the whole thing!
The morale of the story is very simple. It shows us is so difficult to find the one you love that's why you need to cherish them, have faith on him/her and believe what you feel. Quote of the day based on iceberg theory "The truth may only be revealed until you fully understand it."









My feeling; To feel it is easy, to define it is difficult indeed. Its just like you ask a fish what the sea is like. The first time he can straight give you the answer "Nah, this is the sea loh". If you insist him to define, then the problem arises and the best answer he could give is "..."

Maybe the fish is not even aware that he is living inside the water =P

If you are in desperate of getting answer and getting fed up because the fish can't give you the answer, don't be panic because I have a good thing might be useful for you. What you need to do is just spend few bucks and purchase goldfish snack crackers from Pepperidge Farm. After that, what you need to do is show this to the fish and tell him "Listen to me! I'm going to eat all of your fellow friends if you can't give me an answer within 1 day!!". I'm pretty sure this may help because this is what loan shark did for century.

Cute little goldfish-shaped crackers from Pepperidge Farm

I have only tried the "Cheddar" flavour. Trust me, it's nice!
Look! Those tiny fishes are smiling at you =D

One good news especially for the girl is that Pepperidge Farm claimed those crackers does not contains trans fat. It means that you can buy few packets and keep inside your drawer in your company for stress relieving. Whenever your boss gives you pressure or ask you hard questions, at least you have something to bite/kiss whenever you are down. Given so many good points, hopefully you all can feel and appreciate the sincerity and love from those fishes.

Dangerous Bomb Piggy Bank

May be you all are not aware that human like to blame others without any reason if there is something bad happen. For example, if there is an accident, woman will be the first victim to be blamed even though not all woman don't know how to drive. In short, is just like a bomb; nobody want to hold the bomb (admit their own fault) but throw it to the others.

Today, I'm glad to introduce "Dangerous Bomb Piggy Bank" to those (blamer?) who want a better excuse not to save money during this economy downtime. But of course you need to invest around RM88 for this piggy bank before you can tell your mom loudly "Nah... see! Not I don't want to save money ah!".

Dangerous Bomb Piggy Bank by Takara Tomy Selling at 2200 Yen (~RM88)

It says "You put in money, then see the mood of the bomb; Explode if he is not happy"

See how cute it is! But beware of the custom in airport because you try to bringing in something dangerous =P

The bottom part of the bomb where you can change the mode and rate of explosion
This bomb comes with two modes; "Bank Mode" and "Party Mode". Basically in bank mode, it just serves as a normal piggy bank but with an additional feature which make it so unique compare with other ordinary piggy bank. What is it? This piggy bank requires you to put a coin into it at least once for 3 days. If you don't do that, I'm pretty sure that this Mr. Bomb will "Tulan" and cause a big havoc to your room. As for party mode, it will just randomly explode after each coin insertion. Hooray! I have new tools for gambling in the next coming CNY =P

Oh my god! The bomb vomit all the coins he ingested previously

Mr. Bomb angry already...
I've risk my precious life to take the video of this dangerous items, so please give some face by watching the uploaded video.

Tamagotchi Color Plus - A Souvenior For Myself

Search Amazon.com for tamagotchi colorSee how serious!! Cases of Influenza A (H1N1) Virus in Japan (Website: http://www.mhlw.go.jp/)

I went to Fukuoka, Japan for business trip during this pandemic outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) season. Actually I'm a bit scared before the trip when I saw the number of confirmed cases hit 700. I've did everything I can such as practicing good personal hygiene, wearing mask during when in the crowd area, keeping away from those who is coughing and sneezing and etc to prevent myself from being infected by the virus.

I looks soooo tired that day @_@

Usually I won't get anything for myself when I go travelling. However, it will be different for this trip because something strange happened to me when I was sleeping on the plane. At first it **blink blink me twice followed by a message "In order for you to love someone, you have to love yourself first" (Haha, perhaps my lame excuse to buy something expensive).

Jeng jeng jeng jeng! I get myself a Tamagotchi Color Plus (TMGC+) from Yodobashi. This is the first ever Tamagotchi to have a full-color LCD screen and exclusively for sale in Japan only. Since it is so rare and nice, definitely it will be the most costly non-eatable "chicken" in the world. According to the sales girl, the original selling price for each TMGC+ is 5040 Yen and they are currently having a promotion where each of the TMGC+ price is being reduced to 4530 Yen. Since I'm a foreigner, Yodobashi gives extra 5% discount (Around 4030 Yen) when you show your passport to the cashier. Without wasting any time, I start to pick the color for my virtual pet.
There are 11 available colors for Tamagotchi Color Plus (Website: http://tamagotch.channel.or.jp/)

Items included inside the box are: Tamagotchi Color Plus, Manual in Japanese and a free stripe

Arrh!!! There are so many colors to choose. That's not good. Luckily the shop is giving free Tamagotchi stripe away for some of the color (Business trick - giving extra freebie for unpopular item). Finally, I picked Yellow. I don't care whether it is unpopular among the Japanese, as long as I get the color I want plus a free stripe =D .

Some of you may wonder why there are so many adults (including me) still like to play something childish such as the Tamagotchi. Let me tell you, you will definately love it because it's soooo cute.

See! So cute...

My sis playing with my Tamagotchi

Besides that it is very cute, I've a better convicing excuse to own a Tamagotchi. First, it won't bite you if you try to play around with him. If it is frustrated, the most it can do is sounding alarm during the midnight to wake you up. Even so, I can easily remove the battery and it will be dead in second. So, it is a life safe entertainment tools. For those who doesn't own a Tamagotchi, please beware the chicken attack as shown in the video.

See how Nike save your life if disaster happen!

Two advises for those who doesn't own a Tamagotchi:-
1. Don't ever try to make a chicken angry
2. Make sure you wear Nike shoes if you accidently make a chicken "Tulan"

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